Cross Country
The Holy Trinity Cross Country team is an excellent opportunity for children in Grades 3 to 8 to improve their personal physical stamina in a group atmosphere while being a member of a team.  Cross Country is a fall sport.
All participants will learn proper warm up and stretching techniques and running strategies.  3rd through 6th grade athletes train to race a 1.5 mile trail course.  7th and 8th grade athletes train race a 2 mile trail course.
Cross Country meets are typically held on Saturday mornings or on Sunday afternoons at a variety of venues including private schools, metroparks, and community colleges.  Each course brings specific challenges and strategies.
Practices are usually held twice a week at a variety of locations including Schwartz Park, Westlake Recreation Center and LCCC.
These are all general guidelines to help you decide if Cross Country is right for your athlete.  Each year there are slight changes in venues and timing.

With questions about our cross-country program, or for more information please contact:

Jerry Robertson, Cross Country Commissioner
Home: 440-937-1829