Basketball is a great way for children to have fun with their peers, develop skills and build foundational attributes such as teamwork that can benefit them later in life. 
The Holy Trinity CYO Basketball Program is available for boys and girls in grades 4 through 8.  We also offer a CYO Basketball Program for boys and girls in high school, fielding JV teams for those in the 9th and 10th grades and Varsity teams for those in the 11th and 12th grades.  The program is open to all children enrolled in the Holy Trinity day school or parishioners enrolled in the Holy Trinity PSR program.
The number of teams varies from year to year depending on the number of participants who register.   The registration period for the basketball program runs throughout the month of September.
The CYO basketball season typically runs from November through February, with practices beginning the first week of November and scheduled games beginning the first or second week of December. 

The number of games teams can play in a given season varies by grade level, as outlined by CYO rules.  In addition to regular-season league games, Holy Trinity teams typically play in 2 to 3 tournaments throughout the season.  All of our teams participate in the Holy Trinity Candy Cane Classic tournament.  For 7th and 8th grade teams, season-ending Diocesan tournaments are conducted which may extend the playing season.
Teams are selected via a draft method in the 4th and 5th grades and teams are re-evaluated each year in order to distribute talent as evenly as possible across all teams.  In the 6th, 7th and 8th grade years, players are placed on teams that are more on par with their skill level.  Team competition further aligns for these team configurations so these teams compete on a similar level.  An evaluation format is used to help place 6th, 7th and 8th graders on the appropriate team.  
Boys and girls participating on any other basketball team (e.g. Lake Erie League or other interscholastic team) during the CYO basketball season are not eligible to play for a Holy Trinity CYO team.  CYO mandatory playing rules are used and these rules vary by the number of participants on a team and by the grade school year.  The rules protect all participants so that minimum playing time is certain for all players. 
Holy Trinity CYO basketball fields over 30 teams per year.  As a result, many teams will have off-site practice (All Pro Freight, Avon East, EMH, etc.) or split practices with another Holy Trinity team.  We also run the Holy Trinity Candy Cane tournament during the month of December and as a result, practice times may be limited.  Typically, teams average 2- 1 hour practices per week.
Holy Trinity CYO encourages parents to consider volunteering for coaching roles to assist the development of our youth.  While no prior coaching experience is required, a basic knowledge and understanding of the game is necessary.  A coaching application form can be found on our website and should be submitted to the respective commissioner.  Coaching our youth is a fantastic way to get involved with our parish and become an active member in our CYO organization.  Our coaches would tell you that this is a very fulfilling experience and great way to engage more with your children. 
If you have questions about the Holy Trinity Basketball Program or would like to learn more about coaching, please feel free to reach out to our basketball commissioners:

Molly McNett
Girls Basketball Commissioner                                

Jason Hirz
Boys Basketball Commissioner